Dr. Jose M. Baltazar is available for individual sessions – The first session is a needs assessment.  He will also provide a skill or technique so that individuals can begin to see the benefits of mind-body techniques.  Sessions are $100 and the first session is half price.  Coaching sessions can be conducted via telephone, zoom, or tele-chat.  Click on “Contact” for additional information or to schedule and pay for the session.

Live a Healthy, Happy, Long Life and Prosper Without Stress

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We are designed to live a life of happiness and peace. Happiness and peace allow us to live healthy, long, and prosperously. The emphasis on the accumulation or higher earning of money to achieve peace and happiness has created a society and a world in which everyone is running around overly busy and stressed and overloaded with responsibility.

At the end most cannot find peace and happiness because they are in too much debt, are chronically ill at a younger age, and most do not come out winners at the accumulation game. We are a sickening society from the results of so much stress from pursuing peace and happiness by following the wrong paradigm of living. There is a different way, a different model. The Life Transformation Paradigm helps you find peace and happiness first so that the other things everyone wants more of, including you, can be obtained with much less effort and stress.

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Mind-Body Skills Groups for Health and Wellness – A group process developed by the world renown Psychiatrist Dr. James Gordon, founder of the Center for Mind-Body Medicine in Washington, D.C. Research demonstrates this group process is excellent for PTSD, Stress Reduction, and various diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, depression, fibromyalgia, and many others.

Anger Management and Transformation Program – A hybrid model for anger resolution consisting of mind-body skills and Accelerated Learning Skills. This model is different than traditional anger management programs. Mind-Body Skills and Accelerated Learning Skills combined create more and faster permanent change than traditional programs.

Nutrition, Mindful Eating, and Supplementation for Permanent Weight Loss and Strengthen Immunity and Resistance to Disease – An easy and economical plan to follow and implement consisting of behavior modification, super-foods, and super-nutrients to help you restore, maintain, and sustain good health and your desired weight.


Accelerated Learning is a pedagogy and a philosophy of teaching and learning. With Accelerated Learning, people can learn 4 to 8 times faster than through traditional teaching and learning methods. Accelerated Learning was developed by Dr. Georgi Lozanov and its foundations and methodology are based on neuroscience research. At El Paso Oasis, we provide training and development in this learning approach individually to persons who want to improve their learning abilities or in group format.

The following topics can be taught individually or in workshop format to groups:

  • Accelerated Learning Techniques for Students to Improve Performance in School – Learn simple, yet powerful learning strategies to improve self-motivation, concentration, listening, focus, attention, memory, and performance on tests.
  • Accelerated Learning Techniques for ADD and ADHD – Parents, teachers, and students learn holistic techniques to improve attention, concentration, and focus in the classroom or while performing other tasks.
  • Accelerated Learning for Teachers: Integrating Accelerated Learning in the Classroom – Teachers learn techniques to improve student motivation to learn and to help them develop their learning abilities.
    Accelerated Learning for Improving Performance and Faster Achievement of Goals

    • Accelerated Learning for Improving Performance on Tests
    • How to Increase Creativity and Invention Skills
    • Increase Your Intelligence (IQ) with Image Streaming.


The Accelerative Learning Companion for College Students – Accelerative LearningBecause an education in a career that you enjoy translates to money and personal happiness and satisfaction, imagine being able to obtain it with at least half of the effort, and in one half of the time or less.

This book is a result of students requesting additional reading after attending a workshops with Dr. Baltazar.   The book covers the Five Keys of Accelerative Learning, while sharing the real stories of students.

  • Vision
  • Self-Belief and Awareness
  • Suggestive and Subconscious Learning
  • Holistic Learning
  • Optimism

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A Course In Anger TransformationThis book is based on Mind-Body Medicine and Accelerated Learning.

Most traditional anger management programs view anger as a disease and treat it as a dysfunction or an addiction.   As a result, most cognitive approaches such as answering questionnaires, keeping a record of what triggers anger episodes, etc. while helpful, create minimum permanent change.  Anger is an emotion that everyone experiences.  Anger is a conditioned learned response.  This book is the course guide to Mind-Body Anger Transformation Groups held by Dr. Baltazar and the basis for his online workshops.  The book goes in-depth with detailed skills and provides additional techniques and research on the topic.

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Life Transformation Paradigm – Dr. Baltazar provides his Life Transformation model for living the life you were designed to live.  He is currently working on this book and will be out soon.