Testimonials for accelerative learning techniques in the book:
The Accelerative Learning Companion for College Students
by Jose M. Baltazar.

Mr. Baltazar taught me accelerated learning techniques. Breathing and visualization have been very helpful to me. Visualization keeps me motivated and breathing helps me keep my concentration in my classes. I have gotten 100’s in my tests lately. I have learned to control test anxiety and concentrate much better. Mr. Baltazar has contributed significantly to my college success.
Academic Level Student

The student I referred to you has made much more progress than I would have thought the first six weeks of the course. She has improved academically and socially, and her higher level thinking skills have also improved. She is more self-confident and believes that she can achieve. Last semester I’m not sure she believed in herself enough.
Reading Instructor

My son is still in H.S. and he was referred to Mr. Baltazar. He completed a series of sessions with Mr. Baltazar and the baroque relaxing music and other techniques have helped him to get his work done in school. My son has ADHD and your techniques have helped him improve his school work very much.
Parent of high school student

I learned a lot about accelerated learning with Mr. Baltazar and I started practicing the techniques he taught me. I used to be a “C” or “D” student and now my grades have improved to “A” and “B”. Practicing these techniques has also helped me emotionally.
Academic Level Student

Some of our teachers have implemented the Brain Based/Accelerated Learning strategies you shared with them in your two workshops and they state that their students appear more alert and enthusiastic about learning. I have purchased several books from your list of references for our professional library.
Local Elementary School Principal

The accelerated learning techniques I have learned have not only helped me get better grades in school but they have helped me meet my required quotas at work much easier. I also suffer from insomnia and the techniques have helped me sleep much better at night.
Student in Developmental Classes

For over 15 years my students have been the fortunate recipients of Mr. Baltazar’s accelerative learning presentations. Years later when I run into former students, they tell me that they remember me as one of their teachers because they remember Jose Baltazar’s learning techniques. They tell me how they to this day use certain techniques learned at that long-ago lecture. To this day, I invite Mr. Baltazar to my classes. As the students listen, their interest spikes and their spirits are lifted. Quickly there is a palpable change in the classroom ambiance. When the presentation is over, the students leave the classroom determined to embark on a lifelong learning adventure: that of assuming total responsibility for their own learning.

I strongly recommend Mr. Baltazar’s book: The Accelerative Learning Companion for College Students. Powerful techniques that result in easier and faster learning are at hand here. This book is a statement to Jose’s raison d’etre: “If I have contributed in some way to a student’s success, then I am satisfied.”
ESOL Instructor

Jose Baltazar has been supplementing my EDUC 1300 classes for several years. His knowledge of the mind and how it works is very well thought out. His accelerated learning techniques demonstrate learning and enthusiasm that transfers to my students.
EDUC1300 Instructor

Jose begins his Accelerated Learning presentations by discussing the importance of acquiring new skills at different stages of their lives—the current one being the skills students need to get them to graduation from a four-year college or university. Although I do have Jose give to my students the Accelerated Learning presentation sometime after the semester begins, I begin the semester by introducing the deep breathing, importance of water, and the 20-minute cycle strategies to help them study and prepare for the first exam. These strategies are right on target!
EDUC1300 Instructor