Here are some testimonies of how this amazing book by Jose M. Baltazar has made permanent changes in the lives of readers:

Kevin Parker February 16, 2022

This book by Dr. Jose Baltazar is a page-turner. More than ever, I have never flipped pages and devoured words as much as I did on this one. The profound insights and the practical advice were amazing. For sure, this is going to be loved by people of all ages. It gives motivation and a soothing experience to the reader. One of the things that really caught my attention right after I read the very first pages of the book was the author’s definition of “success”. According to him, success isn’t necessarily a product of hard work and lots of stress. Moreover, this book will introduce you to this intriguing paradigm shift that would transform your life. Nothing that I have for the author other than high admiration and praise. I highly recommend this book.

Isla Allen February 16, 2022

I must say that I’m fortunate enough to have read an incredibly well-written book that not only uplifts your soul but also motivates you every step of the way. Yes, this book will surely transform your life, and I have proven that by following the helpful tips suggested by the author especially in anger management. Whether you are a Christian or not, this book has a place in your heart. It has deep studies about human behavior and how we can manage stress in order to attain the ideal life that we want. Success does not have to be difficult. What intrigued me the most was when the author suggested that we can achieve success in less stressful ways. Great book in total.

Hudson Parker February 16, 2022

I’m a Christian, and one thing that I really loved about this book is that it opens the thought of not disregarding faith. A belief that could be powerful if used in the right way. Faith means belief, trust, certainty, conviction, assurance, and expectation. I was totally impressed at how well the author was able to mix faith into psychology and science. That these things are not contradicting, they are complementing each other. And that faith is necessary to pursue our highest desires. We need to have increased faith for our lives to prosper. This book is a reminder that life must be enjoyed. Life must be lived out. And that success isn’t necessarily about hard work. I am happy to rate this book a five out of five stars. It’s surely worth the time.

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