Dr. Jose Baltazar & Priscilla Gutierrez, NCC, LPC, LCDC

Mindfulness Meditation is increasingly being used to help people suffering from depression, anxiety, addictions, ADD, ADHD, memory problems, and various diseases. Dr. Baltazar and Ms. Gutierrez discussed research that supports the effectiveness of mindfulness and guided participants in a mindfulness meditation session.

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Dr. Jose Baltazar is a doctor of Mind-Body Medicine and has coached people in learning, health, and wellness for over 30 years. He is author of 4 books (two of them best sellers) in health, wellness, and learning.
Ms. Priscilla Gutierrez is a licensed therapist trained in mindfulness, and has worked over 8 years as a Counselor and Clinical Therapist. She works for El Paso Community College as a Counselor and as a Therapist at the Counseling Center of Expressive Arts.

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